I haven’t figured out what to talk about on Friday – Sunday. 

BUT! My Steeped Tea Kit came in the mail yesterday. Oh my God. So much tea! I can’t wait to try them all. Last night I tried the Sleepy Chai Rooibos tea. It tasted amazing and I don’t know if it was the tea, or from running all day, but I passed out around 8.

Two of my clan are staying with a longtime friend we haven’t seen in a while, so I’ve only got the younger ones. I know they are having a blast.

My goal for today is to clean some, write down thoughts and ideas for my blog, and take my camera out to practice some more with my lenses. I have a shoot next week and want to nail it with the new lenses.

Anywho. Top of the mornin’ to ya! 

Oh and check out my new cup courtesy of The Hankey Blankey

Thursdays are for…… bitching about the mail? Finally being able to clean? Forgetting that it’s Dr. Seuss day at school so your kid is dressed “normal”?

How about all if the above?

I had a package that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Well being where I am my mail goes to Jacksonville to cone back to me, stupid i know. Anyway, my package arrived in Jacksonville Tuesday evening. Cool. EXCEPT THAT IT WENT TO NEW YORK! I’m in Georgia. Why did it go from Jacksonville, Florida to New York?? Oh, and the cherry? Still says expected delivery day is yesterday. Unless my mail person drives a Deloreon I don’t see that happening.

I also need to apparently set alarms for days because today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and the kids were allowed to dress up. But I forgot. Until I got a reminder text at 7 am. My kids get on the bus at 6:40. So I will probably hear about it when they get home. Yay.

Anywho, here’s to an extra large jumbo coffee and babywearing because I am fixing to wrap up Little Miss and clean. Let’s hope my package for today actually gets delivered.

So today I feel I need to talk about the wonders of babywearing. 

Why you ask? Well, Reader, because I got absolutely nothing done today. 

I know what you’re wondering, what does that have to do with babywearing? I’m glad you asked. 

If I would have had my wrap today everything would have gotten done. But I forgot it in the truck. And Little Miss wanted to be held. All. Day. Long. I tried the swing, the rocker, the bumbo, the boppy. I tried it all. She only rested when I held her. She had an upset tummy today. 

If I would have had my wrap, I could have very easily wrapped her up and went about my day. She would have had the snuggles she needed to feel better and rest and I would have a clean house. Now again, you’re probably thinking, Mother why not just let her cry it out. She needs to self-soothe. And I’m going to throat punch you right about there. She is 2 months old. 2 and half really. At two months old they only know that they need you. Whether it’s for nourishment or comfort. Part of my job as a parent it to provide that. Maybe that cry it out and self soothing worked back when, but thanks to that most adults now have psychological issues. Probably because when we needed someone they weren’t there and we were taught to just deal with it ourselves. 

Now I’m not saying that it’s our parents faults, or that everyone has issues, I’m just saying what worked for Bob may not work for Sally. And truthfully, that was the way things were done back then. It was the norm. Now days we know better. So we do better. We know now that there is something called the “4th trimester”, and yes I know how stupid that sounds, but it’s the transition period of baby being out of the womb. They were in a dark, warm, snug place and thrown into a world where they now experience new things like being cold and even hungry. Sometimes they want that comfort of being snug back. They were used to hearing your heart beat and just being held. Who are we to deny that? When we want comfort what do we do? Seek it out in the ways we know how. All they know is to cry. 

So tonight I’m not gonna worry about my messy house. I’m going to focus on providing the comfort my baby craves. Afterall, she won’t be this little forever. Soon she won’t want my snuggles and I’ll wish I snuggled her more. 

So I forgot to come back and post a recipe. Oops. My bad. I’ll do better next week. 

Today is all about babies. Breastfeeding, birthing, sleeping, and babies. 

I’m going to set an alarm to come back and make my post later today. First I’m going to pick one topic to write about.

I may even post a related recipe today;)

Today is tuesday. Which equals Taco Tuesday. Which relates to food, so I’ll be sharing recipes today! Well a recipe. Maybe 2. 

Here soon I’ll have some new recipes I’ll be trying and will share them here. They will tie into Monday’s posts because they will be steeped tea recipes. 

For now, I will search for a recipe to share. Check back later!

So here I am, posting from my new phone. Which is pretty awesome. Nothing fancy but I can finally play pokemon. Go ahead. Judge me. 

My kit for Steeped Tea is coming this week and I am beyond excited! I got the list of teas that are supposed to be in it and I can’t wait! There’s also a cheeseball mix, matcha, and spices and rubs! I am beyond ready to try the tea-aki rub! 

I am also trying to market my photography business a little more. Now that I have found who I want to focus on I know what to look for. Today I took the first step towards cleaning and organizing my back spare room to eventually use as a studio if needed. My computer is set up back there and it’s private so I can work on the photos in peace. 

I am also going to try to stay organized. Monday’s for me are going to hopefully stay Business related. Tuesdays look for recipes. And that’s all I got so far. I might make things mom-related on Wednesday. Post babywearing, breastfeeding, pregnancy and labor type things. 

Welp. That’s it for today. I think. I’m off to watch Trolls with my kids. Toodles!

Enjoy a photo of my Pokemon person and my buddy!

Things have been pretty crazy today. Been going and going. But. I got a Boppy today! That was probably the most exciting thing I did. Nursing just got a hell of a lot easier.

I am also switching phone companies. So *hopefully* I will post more due to no limitations on my interwebs. Which will be nice. 

I’m writing this as I’m cooking supper, which consists of chicken patties, mashed potatoes and gravy, and steamed fresh green beans. While drinking coffee in my new mug. 

My goals for this upcoming week are to try to organize myself. I will be jotting down different ideas I will want to write about, photography goals, and even some business tips. I am starting a new adventure with Steeped Tea, and I know I have struggles ahead being in the south where tea is something you don’t mess with, but I’m up for the challenge. I mean, heck I’m starting to see a lot more baby wearing around me here so that’s gotta account for something right?

I know, I know. I’m not consistent. You love me anyway.

So my family is trying this thing where we eat more fresh things. We visit our local produce stand to by veggies and fruits, we Butcher chickens, and we base things off that. That’s about as far as we have gotten so far. 

It’s kind of exciting and very much overwhelming. We are wanting to start a small garden soon. While some thing this is over the top, we had to find ways to cut cost of food. We now have a family of 6 and we don’t eat small portions. Groceries were getting expensive. 

So now we are learning how to provide for ourselves, and not rely so much on grocery stores. Which is, like I said, exciting and overwhelming. 

Although, if anyone can tell me where I can buy a Starbucks tree, that’d be great😜 [winky, tongue out emoticon]

So here’s to another new adventure and *hopefully* more posts.

T​o make up for it, say hello to our newest member of the pack! MP’s Huntress of the Night (Artemis)

Again, it’s been a while. 

Every time I go to start a post something happens and I never get back to it. Things have been hard lately. 

This month is my late grandpa’s birthday. He raised me. It’s been 7 years next month since he passed and some days it feels like yesterday. April makes 17 years my mom has been gone. Spring is a rough time.

However, I have two reasons to enjoy spring. My two middle children were born in March and April. So there’s that. I’m trying to plan their birthdays. 

Little miss loves to be held. And snuggled. She doesn’t like me to put her down. This is wear baby wearing becomes the best thing ever. Lucky for me I have a visitor. Emmeline Textiles. Specifically the Partita Lemongrass. It’s heaven. So soft, squishy, and snuggly. A gorgeous yellow green color. It’s perfect. Now to convince my husband how much it needs a home here. 

Let’s talk breastfeeding for a bit, shall we?

I’m inspired to write this from a good friends blog post that she made. Go check her out! The Nerdy Bipolar Mama! She does a breastfeeding segment every tuesday and i love her Sunday Morning Yoga Thoughts.

Any who. She brought up breastfeeding in public. Now there is, to me, a HUGE difference in breastfeeding in public vs breastfeeding in private. In private, meaning my home, I will probably be topless. Or in a very reveling tank top or just a bra. Anything basically that can give me easy access for feedings. In public, obviously I can’t do that. But I can utilize the 2 shirt method. I wear a tank top that u can easily pull down and a bigger shirt over top. When baby is hungry I simply lift the top shirt just enough to pull the tank top down and get baby to latch. Super simple, shows next to no skin, and most of the time people can’t even tell you’re doing it. They think you are snuggling baby. 

Now as far as covering up in public with a blanket or a nursing cover, I feel it’s up to the mom. There’s no shame either way. Do what makes YOU comfortable. And baby. If your baby can nurse fine under a cover and it makes you feel better, honey grab that cover! If its more of a struggle than anything, bye bye cover! Don’t worry too much about what others think. They aren’t feeding your kid. 

Another hot topic I wanted to discuss was breastsleeping. Yes, that’s right. BreastSLEEPING. It’s no secret I co-sleep. She feels better, I get sleep, and inthe middle of the night I am ridiculously lazy. I mean I’m lucky if I can wake up enough to change her diaper, let alone have to fix a bottle and hold it and all that jazz. So I breastfeed. And sleep. Breastsleep. I make sure she gets a good latch and then I pass back out. So does she. Cause 9 times out of 10 I’m just a pacifier. Now the only bad I have run into so far is leaking. I sleep topless cause it’s easier, but I leak SO MUCH! Now that milk that leaks out gets onto my sheets and what happens after a while? It sours. And that’s gross. So how do I combat sour sheets when my books leak?!?! I’m glad you asked. I sleep on towels. Lumpy? Yes, very. Clean sheets? You bet! It’s also great for if she spits up like she likes to do.

So now you have new tips if you breastfeed/cosleep and if you want to try nursing uncovered. AND you have a new blog to check out. You’re welcome!