Introduction time.

I have many names. Mom, momomomomom, Mama, Jess, Jessi, Queen, Zookeeper, or if I’m REALLY in trouble, Jessica. 

I’m young. Like early 20’s young. I have 4 children. 6, 4, 1, and new. I have 3 dogs with one coming soon. Eventually. I had a chicken. Chicken Joe. He had wild hair, was blind in one eye, and survived a hurricane. He did not, however, survive crossing the road. Eventually I would like horses. And goats. A farm. So maybe I’m the mother of a farm instead of a zoo? Oh well too late to change the name.

This blog will be a safe place for my ramblings. I tend to go on and on and on. I suck at punctuation sometimes. And most grammar. Which is funny because bad grammar irks me. I’m a walking contradiction. But I am me. 

I drink, I babywear, I breastfeed. I have been called “crunchy” and I have been called a bad mom. I tried cloth diapering. That wasnt fun. I co-sleep. I feed fast food meals. I sometimes clean, and sometimes I let my dogs clean. I usually have a mountain of laundry needing to be sorted, folded, and put away.

But this is who I am. I won’t hide. Follow me if you wish. Or don’t. This is for me.

This is me.​

[Image is a white woman with glasses wearing a white newborn with brown hair in a galaxy tye dye wrap]


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