New challenges…

Normally, I guess, you start challenges at the beginning of the month. Well. I don’t. If I did, I’d never start them because of put it off and forget. A friend of mine, Our Big Crazy Ohana, invited me to do a 31 day challenge with her.

So here I am. Doing a challenge. This one to be exact.

The first challenge is an introduction. I’ve already done an introduction, but I’ll do another. 

Introductions are always my least favorite thing to do. I can babble on and on and on about useless information. I have no idea what you wanna know. I have no idea what I  want you to know. Typically, I read others introductions and base mine off what had been said. So I know how long to make it, what kind of tid bits to put in it, how to word it. 

Then I’ll read others introductions and think, Well maybe I should have put that, or I can’t believe I forgot about that. So I’m going to try not to do that. I’m going to make a full introduction. But it’ll have to be later. Cause I’m working right now. Home health. And it’s time for my next client.

So be on the lookout! And check out my friends blog. You might like it.


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