Busy busy busy.

Business Monday is very busy. 

Between editing pictures I took yesterday, which are turning out AMAZING by the way, and trying to figure out my Steeped Tea business and trying to scrub my bathroom I am busy. On top of that my biggest job, being a mom, comes before it all. 

Thankfully it’s almost naptime.

I now have a few new teas that I love; Sleepy Chai, Creme Carmello, Don’t Worry Be Happy, and I tried Fruit Punch Matcha. I gotta say, it’s not my favorite… I also have some Vanilla Matcha I’m going to try in Orange juice. I’m told it tastes like a dreamsicle. 

I wonder what yea I’ll try today? I also bought some baggies that I’m going to put some sample in. And I finally figured out how to set up a party! 

I also set up my launch party. Which will be available online as well. 

One day these “Business Monday” posts will have business tips and not just be me rambling on and on about my various businesses. Until then, enjoy my ramblings.


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