Yesterday I found out my son is addicted to alligators. 

We went on a field trip to our local swamp park. It had a lot of history. I really enjoyed it. But him? He only cared about seeing the gators. The whole time, all I heard was “when are we gonna see gators, Mom?” Well let me tell you what. We didn’t have to wait long. Everywhere we turned there was another gator. It was crazy!  From little babies to big giants.

I brought little miss along. She slept damn near the whole time wrapped in the carrier. When she did wake to nurse all was well. I didn’t have to take her down, I used the tails to cover up, and she ate in peace. Then when we watched the snake show she fussed until I pulled her out and turned her so she could see the snakes. She loved it.

Today I went to see my grandma. She asked to keep my oldest overnight. I had no problem with that. When we went to leave my aunt and uncle asked to keep my oldest son. So for the second weekend in a row I only have my youngest two.

Wonder what I’ll get into while they are gone?


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