So today is supposed to be about motherhood in some way shape or form. I’ve talked about babywearing. A little on breastfeeding. 

Starting this post I had no clue what to write about. But now I do. It’s not much, but I’m going to talk about breastfeeding WHILE babywearing. Because, yes you can do that. 

My son has a field trip on Friday and his class is going to a park. Now, where we live in the swamp there gators. So a parent has to attend, I assume so no kids get eaten. I have 2 other littles and after much debate I decided to find a sitter for my oogie boogie and wrap up Little miss. Well that led to a whole other problem. Little Miss is exclusively breastfed. I didn’t want to take away from my son by having to stop and find a place to breastfeed so I found a solution.

Introducing the Inside Out Coolest Hip Cross Carry.

I used my base size, but the video I watched she used a base -2. I had tails for days so I recommend a smaller wrap of you have one. 

First you start out by finding the middle marker and putting that at your shoulder. Bring the wrap diagonally across your back and and wrap it around you. Then you pull that tail under the pass around your belly and tie a slipknot with the tail over your shoulder. Then you put baby in! Start with the pass closest to you and make sure the wrap is spread from knee to knee. Pull it up over baby’s back. Then pull the other pass over to create an X for baby’s legs. Use the slip knot to tighten/loosen as needed. 

I love this carry because it’s super simple and you can nurse easily in it. Just loosen the wrap and bring the breast out for baby from the top of your shirt. You can use the extra tail as a cover if you are uncomfortable. 

Because I am not yet comfortable with recording myself, here is a link to watch Wrap You In Love’s tutorial video!

She was a major help for me! 

I hope you enjoy!

Here is a photo of me using this carry to nurse little miss and using the tails as a cover.

[Image is myself with a beautiful wrap from Emmeline Textiles wrapped around me. It looks as though I am holding the wrap in one hand]


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