So today I feel I need to talk about the wonders of babywearing. 

Why you ask? Well, Reader, because I got absolutely nothing done today. 

I know what you’re wondering, what does that have to do with babywearing? I’m glad you asked. 

If I would have had my wrap today everything would have gotten done. But I forgot it in the truck. And Little Miss wanted to be held. All. Day. Long. I tried the swing, the rocker, the bumbo, the boppy. I tried it all. She only rested when I held her. She had an upset tummy today. 

If I would have had my wrap, I could have very easily wrapped her up and went about my day. She would have had the snuggles she needed to feel better and rest and I would have a clean house. Now again, you’re probably thinking, Mother why not just let her cry it out. She needs to self-soothe. And I’m going to throat punch you right about there. She is 2 months old. 2 and half really. At two months old they only know that they need you. Whether it’s for nourishment or comfort. Part of my job as a parent it to provide that. Maybe that cry it out and self soothing worked back when, but thanks to that most adults now have psychological issues. Probably because when we needed someone they weren’t there and we were taught to just deal with it ourselves. 

Now I’m not saying that it’s our parents faults, or that everyone has issues, I’m just saying what worked for Bob may not work for Sally. And truthfully, that was the way things were done back then. It was the norm. Now days we know better. So we do better. We know now that there is something called the “4th trimester”, and yes I know how stupid that sounds, but it’s the transition period of baby being out of the womb. They were in a dark, warm, snug place and thrown into a world where they now experience new things like being cold and even hungry. Sometimes they want that comfort of being snug back. They were used to hearing your heart beat and just being held. Who are we to deny that? When we want comfort what do we do? Seek it out in the ways we know how. All they know is to cry. 

So tonight I’m not gonna worry about my messy house. I’m going to focus on providing the comfort my baby craves. Afterall, she won’t be this little forever. Soon she won’t want my snuggles and I’ll wish I snuggled her more. 


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