So here I am, posting from my new phone. Which is pretty awesome. Nothing fancy but I can finally play pokemon. Go ahead. Judge me. 

My kit for Steeped Tea is coming this week and I am beyond excited! I got the list of teas that are supposed to be in it and I can’t wait! There’s also a cheeseball mix, matcha, and spices and rubs! I am beyond ready to try the tea-aki rub! 

I am also trying to market my photography business a little more. Now that I have found who I want to focus on I know what to look for. Today I took the first step towards cleaning and organizing my back spare room to eventually use as a studio if needed. My computer is set up back there and it’s private so I can work on the photos in peace. 

I am also going to try to stay organized. Monday’s for me are going to hopefully stay Business related. Tuesdays look for recipes. And that’s all I got so far. I might make things mom-related on Wednesday. Post babywearing, breastfeeding, pregnancy and labor type things. 

Welp. That’s it for today. I think. I’m off to watch Trolls with my kids. Toodles!

Enjoy a photo of my Pokemon person and my buddy!


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