I know, I know. I’m not consistent. You love me anyway.

So my family is trying this thing where we eat more fresh things. We visit our local produce stand to by veggies and fruits, we Butcher chickens, and we base things off that. That’s about as far as we have gotten so far. 

It’s kind of exciting and very much overwhelming. We are wanting to start a small garden soon. While some thing this is over the top, we had to find ways to cut cost of food. We now have a family of 6 and we don’t eat small portions. Groceries were getting expensive. 

So now we are learning how to provide for ourselves, and not rely so much on grocery stores. Which is, like I said, exciting and overwhelming. 

Although, if anyone can tell me where I can buy a Starbucks tree, that’d be great😜 [winky, tongue out emoticon]

So here’s to another new adventure and *hopefully* more posts.

T​o make up for it, say hello to our newest member of the pack! MP’s Huntress of the Night (Artemis)


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