Again, it’s been a while. 

Every time I go to start a post something happens and I never get back to it. Things have been hard lately. 

This month is my late grandpa’s birthday. He raised me. It’s been 7 years next month since he passed and some days it feels like yesterday. April makes 17 years my mom has been gone. Spring is a rough time.

However, I have two reasons to enjoy spring. My two middle children were born in March and April. So there’s that. I’m trying to plan their birthdays. 

Little miss loves to be held. And snuggled. She doesn’t like me to put her down. This is wear baby wearing becomes the best thing ever. Lucky for me I have a visitor. Emmeline Textiles. Specifically the Partita Lemongrass. It’s heaven. So soft, squishy, and snuggly. A gorgeous yellow green color. It’s perfect. Now to convince my husband how much it needs a home here. 


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