Let’s talk breastfeeding for a bit, shall we?

I’m inspired to write this from a good friends blog post that she made. Go check her out! The Nerdy Bipolar Mama! She does a breastfeeding segment every tuesday and i love her Sunday Morning Yoga Thoughts.

Any who. She brought up breastfeeding in public. Now there is, to me, a HUGE difference in breastfeeding in public vs breastfeeding in private. In private, meaning my home, I will probably be topless. Or in a very reveling tank top or just a bra. Anything basically that can give me easy access for feedings. In public, obviously I can’t do that. But I can utilize the 2 shirt method. I wear a tank top that u can easily pull down and a bigger shirt over top. When baby is hungry I simply lift the top shirt just enough to pull the tank top down and get baby to latch. Super simple, shows next to no skin, and most of the time people can’t even tell you’re doing it. They think you are snuggling baby. 

Now as far as covering up in public with a blanket or a nursing cover, I feel it’s up to the mom. There’s no shame either way. Do what makes YOU comfortable. And baby. If your baby can nurse fine under a cover and it makes you feel better, honey grab that cover! If its more of a struggle than anything, bye bye cover! Don’t worry too much about what others think. They aren’t feeding your kid. 

Another hot topic I wanted to discuss was breastsleeping. Yes, that’s right. BreastSLEEPING. It’s no secret I co-sleep. She feels better, I get sleep, and inthe middle of the night I am ridiculously lazy. I mean I’m lucky if I can wake up enough to change her diaper, let alone have to fix a bottle and hold it and all that jazz. So I breastfeed. And sleep. Breastsleep. I make sure she gets a good latch and then I pass back out. So does she. Cause 9 times out of 10 I’m just a pacifier. Now the only bad I have run into so far is leaking. I sleep topless cause it’s easier, but I leak SO MUCH! Now that milk that leaks out gets onto my sheets and what happens after a while? It sours. And that’s gross. So how do I combat sour sheets when my books leak?!?! I’m glad you asked. I sleep on towels. Lumpy? Yes, very. Clean sheets? You bet! It’s also great for if she spits up like she likes to do.

So now you have new tips if you breastfeed/cosleep and if you want to try nursing uncovered. AND you have a new blog to check out. You’re welcome!


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