Let’s talk cell phones. 

I have had many different cell phones.I am notorious  for wanting/needing a new phone every so often. This time was different. I bought my Samsung Galaxy S4 a year ago and have had almost no complaints.

I say almost because I was extremely disappointed when Pokemon Go came out and I couldn’t get it. 

When I first got the phone I wasn’t able to download my banks app. No big deal. Then I wasn’t able to download Pokemon go. I was bitterly disappointed but I’d live. Recently it has started freezing up and randomly restarting. When I type stuff its slow to respond and usually duplicates my words or sentences. Today though was the last straw. 

As we all know, I love coffee. Starbucks is my BFF. I know I know. I’m a “basic white girl” but you know what? You can shove it, cause it’s the only place I can get my Butterbeer frap and pretend I’m at Hogwarts.

So naturally i have the Starbucks app. i recently participated in a “challenge” to earn enough stars to reach Gold status. I go to check on it this morning and it says I need to sign back in. Okay cool. NBD. I just changed my password so I expected it. Then it says that they’ve made tons if new upgrades and I need to update the app. Okay. It’s been a while since I did so again, no big deal. Until. I’m in the Google Playstore and it’s telling me that my device isn’t compatable?!?! 

I’m utterly devastated. 

So. I need a new phone. What do you recommend?​


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