Words. This morning. Hard. No coffee.

I’ll do my best.

Children are a blessing. Always. I am exhausted. My 1 month old kept me up most of the night because she wanted to be RIGHT next to me. Touching me. And she wanted to be latched on. Every time she unlatched she freaked out until she latched again. Sometime around 2 am my 2 year old woke up and came to our bed. There is not enough room. 

I was so frustrated with all of it this morning because I still have no coffee. The caffeine is too much for Little Miss Sunshine right now. She vomits after every feeding when I drink it. So for now I must leave it be.

I say I WAS frustrated. I got on Facebook and was reminded of a tragic loss my area has suffered. There is a family who will no longer have the blessing of watching their child grow. They won’t get to experience the things I have taken for granted. Instead they suffer loss. One of my towns warriors lost his battle with cancer. He was 2. My heart aches and I snuggle just a little closer, hug my babies a little tighter, and pray a little deeper today. 

I am no longer frustrated. Instead I am grateful that she needs me for comfort. I am grateful that my 2 year old sleeps better with mom and dad. I am grateful that my children need me still. One day will come when they won’t. And when that day comes I’ll wish for these days back.


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