Last night was hell. Today is hell and it’s still early. I had a baby a month ago. I love her dearly. She is the best baby. 

Last night she was not the best baby. She has bad acid reflux and spits up/ throws up damn near constantly. Last night was terrible. After cluster feeding all day yesterday, my nipples were killing me. I tried giving her her pacifier. She will take it sometimes but you can tell it’s not her favorite. She wasn’t having it though. She screamed most of the night. Finally I gave in and put her in bed with me, something I’ve been trying to start getting out of for now, and latched her on through the pain. Sometime around 1 am we fell alseep. Then it was up-down the rest of the time. 

That’s why last night was hell. Today? Well, today I’m having no coffee. I am an addict. Have been for years. If I go without I have awful migraines. I have cut down to one cup a day. I drank coffee throughout all four pregnancies. My babies came out drinking coffee. Little miss is different. So different. Her acid reflux is worse due to the caffeine. So she spits up and throws up after every feeding no matter what. Technically she is a preemie. She was born a month early. She doesn’t act like a preemie. Nor has she got any preemie criteria, besides the clothes. So I don’t consider her one. Anyway. What I found out was preemies have a more difficult time with caffeine and this is super common for them. 

I say all that to say that I am giving up coffee. For now. I will not give up breastfeeding and if I have to go without coffee I will. I’ll be fine. It’s everyone else who should be worried.

photo cause she is super cute and aggravating. And while she was up most of the night she is getting much needed rest. I, on the other hand, have 3 other children who need me to deal with their shit.​

[Image is of a small white baby girl with a head full of brown hair sleeping in a brown green and tan rock and play, snuggling with a white and pink and orange fluffy blanket.]


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  1. I feel you. When my hips get sore I push through the pain. I have even used a nipple shield because it hurt so bad. I know you like tea, so have you tried drinking Chamomile tea before bed? Its suppose to help soothe their gas and reflux.

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