Alright. So yesterday I joined in on a babywearing challenge. I’ll link the group in case you’re interested. 

Anyway, yesterday was the first new carry. It was a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry Tied At Shoulder(PWCC TAS). Typically this carry is done with a Base or Base +1. Its a great carry to use for mild leaners and leg straighteners. It’s also very supportive. The tie at the shoulder is typically a slipknot or tied with a ring, which makes this carry easily adjustable and takes out the guessing work of the  original PWCC. Here is the video link if you want to give it a try:

Now of course I attempted this carry. I used my base size wrap because that’s the only size I have currently. I SHOULD have used a Base +1 because boobs. If you are heavy chested to begin with, AND you are nursing on top of it, go ahead and prepare to need a bigger wrap cause these suckers get in the way. So unfortunately I don’t have a picture of me trying this carry. However if you decide to attempt it please leave a picture! Also if you share it on Facebook or Instagram use the hash tags #NewYearNewCarries and #PWCCTAS.
As promised here is the link to the group Babywearing Challenge:


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