As time draws near for me to start cooking this image came across my news feed on facebook. It could not be more true. While I love Rachel Ray and The Pioneer Woman and Giada DeLorentis I have noticed that every time they cook they have all fresh supplies, and the right amount and know exactly where it is, and sharp knives, and no dirty dishes. 

Now most of the time the dishes needed are clean, there are times when I slack and dishes must be done BEFORE I start supper. But everything else? I have to hunt and hope I bought everything I need. And as far as sharp knives? Ha! They only get sharpened when my husband uses them and deems them unfit. 

One day though, all my children will fend for themselves and my kitchen will be just as spotless as that on the cooking shows, I’ll have most supplies needed for whatever comes to mind, and my knives will be sharper than when I bought them. 

Until then I’ll enjoy my everyday life. Now…. what’s for supper that involves minimal dishes, dull knives, and minimal supplies?

photo courtesy of Ramblin’ Mama

[Image is a purple background with the words “there should really be a reality cooking show more lile everyday life: with wonky pans, dull knives, and half the dishes you need are dirty Ramblin’ Mama”]


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