Let’s talk breastfeeding for a bit, shall we?

I’m inspired to write this from a good friends blog post that she made. Go check her out! The Nerdy Bipolar Mama! She does a breastfeeding segment every tuesday and i love her Sunday Morning Yoga Thoughts.

Any who. She brought up breastfeeding in public. Now there is, to me, a HUGE difference in breastfeeding in public vs breastfeeding in private. In private, meaning my home, I will probably be topless. Or in a very reveling tank top or just a bra. Anything basically that can give me easy access for feedings. In public, obviously I can’t do that. But I can utilize the 2 shirt method. I wear a tank top that u can easily pull down and a bigger shirt over top. When baby is hungry I simply lift the top shirt just enough to pull the tank top down and get baby to latch. Super simple, shows next to no skin, and most of the time people can’t even tell you’re doing it. They think you are snuggling baby. 

Now as far as covering up in public with a blanket or a nursing cover, I feel it’s up to the mom. There’s no shame either way. Do what makes YOU comfortable. And baby. If your baby can nurse fine under a cover and it makes you feel better, honey grab that cover! If its more of a struggle than anything, bye bye cover! Don’t worry too much about what others think. They aren’t feeding your kid. 

Another hot topic I wanted to discuss was breastsleeping. Yes, that’s right. BreastSLEEPING. It’s no secret I co-sleep. She feels better, I get sleep, and inthe middle of the night I am ridiculously lazy. I mean I’m lucky if I can wake up enough to change her diaper, let alone have to fix a bottle and hold it and all that jazz. So I breastfeed. And sleep. Breastsleep. I make sure she gets a good latch and then I pass back out. So does she. Cause 9 times out of 10 I’m just a pacifier. Now the only bad I have run into so far is leaking. I sleep topless cause it’s easier, but I leak SO MUCH! Now that milk that leaks out gets onto my sheets and what happens after a while? It sours. And that’s gross. So how do I combat sour sheets when my books leak?!?! I’m glad you asked. I sleep on towels. Lumpy? Yes, very. Clean sheets? You bet! It’s also great for if she spits up like she likes to do.

So now you have new tips if you breastfeed/cosleep and if you want to try nursing uncovered. AND you have a new blog to check out. You’re welcome!


Let’s talk cell phones. 

I have had many different cell phones.I am notorious  for wanting/needing a new phone every so often. This time was different. I bought my Samsung Galaxy S4 a year ago and have had almost no complaints.

I say almost because I was extremely disappointed when Pokemon Go came out and I couldn’t get it. 

When I first got the phone I wasn’t able to download my banks app. No big deal. Then I wasn’t able to download Pokemon go. I was bitterly disappointed but I’d live. Recently it has started freezing up and randomly restarting. When I type stuff its slow to respond and usually duplicates my words or sentences. Today though was the last straw. 

As we all know, I love coffee. Starbucks is my BFF. I know I know. I’m a “basic white girl” but you know what? You can shove it, cause it’s the only place I can get my Butterbeer frap and pretend I’m at Hogwarts.

So naturally i have the Starbucks app. i recently participated in a “challenge” to earn enough stars to reach Gold status. I go to check on it this morning and it says I need to sign back in. Okay cool. NBD. I just changed my password so I expected it. Then it says that they’ve made tons if new upgrades and I need to update the app. Okay. It’s been a while since I did so again, no big deal. Until. I’m in the Google Playstore and it’s telling me that my device isn’t compatable?!?! 

I’m utterly devastated. 

So. I need a new phone. What do you recommend?​

These passed few days have been very……. eventful.

We survived the storm. Some did not. I pray for their families. I pray for the families who’s homes were destroyed. I pray for everyone affected by the storms. 

Schools are closed here for the day because where i live, roughly 90% of our roads are dirt and or clay. With the amount of rain and flooding we received the roads are washed out bad. Some are impassable. On Mondays I clean. The older two are in school so I usually can get it done when I lay the two Littles down for a nap. 

Today I can’t. Today I am thankful for baby wearing and playrooms. My older two keep my dinosaur occupied in the playroom while I wear little miss and clean. Some days you just gotta. 

For now i am resting until i can muster up the energy to clean some more.​

Little Miss Sunshine turned 1 month on the 15th. And I felt terrible.

I had lost track of dates and missed her milestone. I didn’t realize until a couple days later that she had reached a month. 

She went from a 6 pound 8 ounce baby to a 7 pound 10 ounce baby in one month. She grew an inch. And she has been exclusively breastfed for a whole month. 

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve suffered clogged ducts already. That hurt. Sore, raw nipples. Sleepless nights. But we did it. 

Here’s to you baby girl. ​

[Image is a milestone medal that reads “i breastfed my baby 1 month” courtesy of the Le Leche League]

Words. This morning. Hard. No coffee.

I’ll do my best.

Children are a blessing. Always. I am exhausted. My 1 month old kept me up most of the night because she wanted to be RIGHT next to me. Touching me. And she wanted to be latched on. Every time she unlatched she freaked out until she latched again. Sometime around 2 am my 2 year old woke up and came to our bed. There is not enough room. 

I was so frustrated with all of it this morning because I still have no coffee. The caffeine is too much for Little Miss Sunshine right now. She vomits after every feeding when I drink it. So for now I must leave it be.

I say I WAS frustrated. I got on Facebook and was reminded of a tragic loss my area has suffered. There is a family who will no longer have the blessing of watching their child grow. They won’t get to experience the things I have taken for granted. Instead they suffer loss. One of my towns warriors lost his battle with cancer. He was 2. My heart aches and I snuggle just a little closer, hug my babies a little tighter, and pray a little deeper today. 

I am no longer frustrated. Instead I am grateful that she needs me for comfort. I am grateful that my 2 year old sleeps better with mom and dad. I am grateful that my children need me still. One day will come when they won’t. And when that day comes I’ll wish for these days back.

Today is day 2 with no coffee. I’m still alive. Barely. I suppose the migraine will start around noon. 

I cheated last night. I made and drank good ol’ southern sweet tea. That confirmed my theory on Little Miss’s caffeine sensitivity. I drank one glass. And she threw up all over my bed. 

She went all day without being sick. Then I messed it up. I have been told to try decaf teas and coffee. I will update when that’s actually done. 

Until then, think of me while you are drinking that delicious cup of hot coffee.

[Image is a blue coffee mug against a pink and white striped background with silver faded marks.]

Last night was hell. Today is hell and it’s still early. I had a baby a month ago. I love her dearly. She is the best baby. 

Last night she was not the best baby. She has bad acid reflux and spits up/ throws up damn near constantly. Last night was terrible. After cluster feeding all day yesterday, my nipples were killing me. I tried giving her her pacifier. She will take it sometimes but you can tell it’s not her favorite. She wasn’t having it though. She screamed most of the night. Finally I gave in and put her in bed with me, something I’ve been trying to start getting out of for now, and latched her on through the pain. Sometime around 1 am we fell alseep. Then it was up-down the rest of the time. 

That’s why last night was hell. Today? Well, today I’m having no coffee. I am an addict. Have been for years. If I go without I have awful migraines. I have cut down to one cup a day. I drank coffee throughout all four pregnancies. My babies came out drinking coffee. Little miss is different. So different. Her acid reflux is worse due to the caffeine. So she spits up and throws up after every feeding no matter what. Technically she is a preemie. She was born a month early. She doesn’t act like a preemie. Nor has she got any preemie criteria, besides the clothes. So I don’t consider her one. Anyway. What I found out was preemies have a more difficult time with caffeine and this is super common for them. 

I say all that to say that I am giving up coffee. For now. I will not give up breastfeeding and if I have to go without coffee I will. I’ll be fine. It’s everyone else who should be worried.

photo cause she is super cute and aggravating. And while she was up most of the night she is getting much needed rest. I, on the other hand, have 3 other children who need me to deal with their shit.​

[Image is of a small white baby girl with a head full of brown hair sleeping in a brown green and tan rock and play, snuggling with a white and pink and orange fluffy blanket.]

It’s been a while. Things have been hectic. Between the 4 children, 3 dogs, planning our vow renewal, and dealing with depression I haven’t had much time.

Today I wanted to try some more new carries that are apart of the #NewYearNewCarry challenge and Caelum, my dinosaur of a child, was more than willing. After trying one and failing at the chest belt I opted to try another. The one that stuck today was Max’s Back Carry.

I have to say it is now one of my new favorites. I used my base size wrap and grabbed Caelum. I like how it wasn’t too tough on my shoulders and the chest belt was kept away from my neck. It was more than just a knot on the front or back it was a pretty twisted belt.

I can’t vouch much for whether it’s good for leaners or leg straighteners but Caelum snuggled close and I almost got a wrap nap from him.

As i was trying to get a picture of the carry my other children wanted to take a picture with me and their stuffed toys. So i obliged. ​

Now I’m off to feed the newest addition then fix lunch for the rest of the herd and, fingers crossed, naptime.

Alright. So yesterday I joined in on a babywearing challenge. I’ll link the group in case you’re interested. 

Anyway, yesterday was the first new carry. It was a Pocket Wrap Cross Carry Tied At Shoulder(PWCC TAS). Typically this carry is done with a Base or Base +1. Its a great carry to use for mild leaners and leg straighteners. It’s also very supportive. The tie at the shoulder is typically a slipknot or tied with a ring, which makes this carry easily adjustable and takes out the guessing work of the  original PWCC. Here is the video link if you want to give it a try:https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=0aiiRE0mOuY&list=PLKEWebOl-RXpQozsHmWhJkHudgV0YDLhn

Now of course I attempted this carry. I used my base size wrap because that’s the only size I have currently. I SHOULD have used a Base +1 because boobs. If you are heavy chested to begin with, AND you are nursing on top of it, go ahead and prepare to need a bigger wrap cause these suckers get in the way. So unfortunately I don’t have a picture of me trying this carry. However if you decide to attempt it please leave a picture! Also if you share it on Facebook or Instagram use the hash tags #NewYearNewCarries and #PWCCTAS.
As promised here is the link to the group Babywearing Challenge: https://www.facebook.com/groups/927585670640027/

Today starts a new adventure for me.

While I have wrapped for almost 2 years now, I still have so much to learn in babywearing. 

So part of my “New Year Resolution” was to learn more carries and be more familiar with babywearing in general. I joined a babywearing challenge and will be attempting to learn a new carry every day, I think. 

I will post the new carries here as well so you don’t have to be apart of the groups to join!

 So who is with me?